San Francisco Bay Area Network for End-of-Life Care

Guest Author FAQ

SFEOL features content from invited guest authors. Here are some tips to give you a smooth onboarding experience.

  1. If you do not already have a free account at WordPress.com, please go there and open one. You do not need to set up a web site there (just skip that step if asked to create a site). You will use that WordPress account to create content for SFEOL.
  2. Go to Gravatar.com and log on there with your WordPress.com account. Gravatar.com is used by WordPress.com and many other services to store your author bio, photo, and social media contact information. The SFEOL site will automatically display your Gravatar.com profile at the bottom of your posts.
  3. Work with the SFEOL editor, Nate Hinerman, to develop your content ideas. Topics should focus on end-of-life, palliative care, hospice care, caregiving for advanced illness, bereavement, ethics, and related subjects. We prefer “evergreen” content that will be of value to readers in the future, as opposed to time-sensitive “perishable” content that will go out of date quickly. We are not a news site, with the exception of our monthly meeting announcements and our News Center RSS feeds, which update themselves automatically. We do not accept advertising, and your posts should avoid self-promotion.
  4. Our style guide requires that the title of the piece be as short as possible, preferably giving a clear idea of a key idea in the piece. Long two-part titles with colons won’t work (they are too long to display on phone interfaces).
  5. To illustrate posts, we prefer to run free stock photos from Pexels.com because that service is well-integrated with WordPress.com. If there are specific photos you would like to suggest from other sources, please let your SFEOL editor know. Requests to use other photos require clear copyright ownership and authorization.
  6. For questions about guest authorship, please send email to the SFEOL editor: info (at) sfeol.org.