Nate Hinerman, PhD, LMFT

Co-Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Network for End-of-Life Care (SFEOL)
Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies
Professor, Chair of UG Psychology
School of Undergraduate Studies

For our upcoming June 1st meeting, and given that May was mental health awareness month, Nate Hinerman, PhD, LMFT will lead an hour-long workshop that presents simple, easy-to-use, helpful techniques to manage thoughts and feelings that often arise in difficult caregiving circumstances. Drawing from straight-forward, proven, cognitive-behavioral methods, we will learn more about our caregiving “buttons,” and how we can re-structure cognitions when these buttons get “pushed” or triggered. We will also actively engage theoretical and practical implications for those times when we may tend to over-react emotionally, or behaviorally in the clinic or at the bedside (or on the couch for that matter :).

No previous therapeutic, or helping professions experience required! Just bring yourself, and a willingness to consider new ways of thinking and coping in the world of caring for others!

As always, if you know someone who may be interested in Zooming with us for this participant-centered, reflective presentation who is not on the list, feel free to let them know about the session.