Judy Thomas, JD, is CEO of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC), a statewide partnership of healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations and associations, state agencies, and individuals working to ensure all seriously ill Californians receive quality, compassionate care. CCCC brings together multiple organizations, often with divergent interests, to develop, implement, and promote improved healthcare practices and standards across the continuum of care. CCCC also has national impact on transforming the culture of care for people who are seriously ill through advancing the cause of palliative care in America.

We will host an open question and answer session with those in attendance. Judy will give us her thoughts on topics such as the status of Advance Care Planning as a strategy to improve those at the end of life, the role of psychedelics in improving end of life care, and the role local networks like ours can take in effectuating California’s Master Plan on Aging. Bring other questions and topics with you, as this will be a guided participant-led discussion.