For our upcoming meeting (November 2, 2022), we welcome Kim Bateman, Ph.D., who will give a presentation entitled, “Symbolmaking: Creative outcomes in bereavement.” Using psychological theory, a short folk tale, and unique examples Dr. Bateman will discuss how the end of a material relationship can be seen as the beginning of an imaginal one. She will profile people who have developed ways to stay in connection symbolically with the deceased to keep loving. This talk may be of interest to the bereaved as well as those who support the bereaved.

Kim Bateman is a Clinical Psychologist, Author, College Administrator/Professor, Workshop Facilitator, and Storyteller. Her award-winning book, Crossing the Owl’s Bridge: A Guide for Grieving People who Still Love, offers folk tales, case stories, and examples of creative responses to bereavement. She teaches Death and Dying at the collegiate level, has a TEDx Talk- “Singing Over Bones,” and a chapter in And Death Shall Have Dominion on “Symbolmaking and Bereavement: The Temples at Burning Man.” Her Death Dialogues Blog and education efforts explore End-of-Life issues such as medical aid in dying, creating personal narratives for crossing over, and compassionate responses to suicide. Her website is at: