For our upcoming Feb 1st meeting, Paul Puccinelli and Nancy Belza of the Dyalogues Team will lead us in a presentation on life transitions. While transitions may bring feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, they can also generate feelings of hope, excitement, and promise. In this highly interactive and fun workshop, you will be guided in an exercise designed to help you facilitate complex conversations, so everyone comes away with an experience of feeling heard, understood and empowered. By practicing how to uncover what is most important, we give ourselves the best opportunity to live life fully today and through our final exhale.

Three Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to initiate meaningful conversations to support clients going through life transitions such as elderhood, loss of a loved one, care planning, and end-of-life wishes.
  • Learn to utilize a creative approach to discover and define personal values and reduce the stress of life transitions.
  • Apply techniques to uncover and name a client’s core values and practice utilizing them as guideposts during life transitions.

Participants will be introduced to an exercise to help clients discover and define personal values, communicate those values, and feel empowered and prepared to navigate the transitional journey ahead, at any age and at every stage.

Paul Puccinelli, LMFT is a psychotherapist and a healing circle facilitator. Paul is also the Co-founder and COO of Dyalogues, a public benefit company which offers direct guidance for people of all ages navigating the landscapes of serious illness and grief. It is Paul’s hope that we can explore ways of deepening our capacity to connect, advocate for ourselves and each other, take time to heal when needed, and to communicate or discover what matters most to us or the ones we care for.

Nancy Belza is Founder and CFO of Dyalogues, Inc., a consulting, education and training company whose vision is a world where Communicating Love is at the heart of every conversation. Nancy is an international consultant, speaker, and trainer, supporting individuals and groups through life-changing conversations that empower people, teams, families, and communities to live at their fullest capacity.