For our upcoming March 1st meeting, we will meet over Zoom as we have been (not in-person). Dr. Dawn Gross. Dr. Gross is a palliative care physician whose focus is patients with serious illness. She manages complex symptoms and facilitates conversations on advance care planning and her patients’ goals for any treatments they receive. And, she thinks of her work as a combination of patient care, scientific curiosity and storytelling. She is committed to transforming taboos around talking about death and empowering her patients to live their lives fully all the way through the final days.

Dr. Gross earned her medical degree and a doctorate in immunology from Tufts University School of Medicine. She completed a residency in internal medicine at Tufts Medical Center, followed by a fellowship in hematology at Stanford Medicine.

Gross is also the host of “Dying to Talk,” a radio program that aims to transform end-of-life conversations. Presentation Title: Navigating the Sea of Grief
This session will break down and rebuild how we, as individuals and a society, can begin to relate to grief as an injury. This is not about Five Stages of grief or bereavement leave. This is about phases of healing and how society has already built structures to support resilience. We’ve just not included the invisible injury of grief into the systems we’ve created. Given supportive environments, we can eventually thrive. This session will offer a map, an overview of the terrain, of The Sea of Grief, so that as you or someone you love encounters it, you will have a reference point and tools to guide you to more calm waters and ultimately safely back to shore.